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Develop the Contract Management Plan in Asset Recycling

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On this page: Find what to include in the contract management plan. Read more below, or visit the Guidelines for Implementing Asset Recycling Transactions section and Content Outline, or Download the Full Report.

The contract management plan should include the following:

  • Describe required tools and processes – The contract management team should identify the necessary tools and processes needed to manage the contract during the lifecycle of the transaction (e.g., monitoring of performance standards). These tools and processes should be comprehensive and outline measures to identify potential risks. Consideration should be given to both the types of performance standards, the frequency of reporting and remediation steps if there is deficiency in performance. The tools and process must align with the project's performance monitoring approach as described in subsequent sections.

  • Assess resource availability – Relevant resources to administer the contract management framework should be specified. Staff with the requisite expertise should be appointed at the Relevant Authority to be involved in the contract management process. This should be supported by financial resources (i.e., budget related to contract management) and technological resources (i.e. systems and software for monitoring the contract performance).

  • Timeline for the development of tools and processes - The contract management plan should contain the timeline needed to develop and implement these tools and resources.

Environmental considerations for Contract Management Plan and Operation:

  • Climate Risks Mitigation and Adaptation Plan for the whole concession period, that should be approved by the corresponding Relevant Authority, which is required to be updated

  • Review and approval, of an Emergency Preparedness and Response (ERP) plan

  • Maintenance plan that addresses climate risks

  • Renewable energy, waste and water management commitments

  • Bonds-related financing schemes for investments within concession scope must be green / social / sustainable labeled according to the ICMA principles

Gender Equality considerations for Contract Management Plan and Operation:

  • Minimum commitment to gender equality in the total workforce

  • Minimum commitment to gender equality in top management

  • Gender Salary equality for similar positions

  • Appropriate maternity/ paternity schemes


The Guidelines have not been prepared with any specific transaction in mind and are meant to serve only as general guidance. It is therefore critical that the Guidelines be reviewed and adapted for specific transactions To find more, visit the Guidelines to Implementing Asset Recycling Transactions Section Overview and Content Outline, or Download the Full Report.




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Updated: October 2, 2023