This section offers practical guidance for structuring a project and developing bidding documents, from hiring advisors through toolkits and checklists and procurement processes.

When considering a public-private partnership for an infrastructure project, start by understanding government objectives for PPPs, learning about the different types of PPP models, and evaluating the host country's legal framework. Review sector-specific considerations and search the library for sample documents for similar projects.

A variety of useful tools and reports have been released lately to assist countries in understanding where their… more
Checklists and Risk Matrices
This section provides the PPP sector specific checklists and the checklists of key legal/drafting issues in PPPs and… more
Toolkits for Public-Private Partnerships
The World Bank, as well as other organizations, has developed a number of toolkits related to evaluating and creating… more
Sample PPP Clauses
When preparing or reviewing public private partnerships project documents it is useful to have access to sample clauses… more
Sample Terms of Reference (TORs) for PPP Advisors
When designing and developing a public-private partnership (PPP) project, a government agency may seek assistance from… more
PPP Online Reference Guide
The Reference Guide is not a toolkit or a step-by-step guidebook; nor does it cover the specifics of PPPs in any given… more
Links to a comprehensive compilation of useful databases.
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