Public-Private Partnerships by Topic

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Find more information about  the following topics related to  public private partnerships. 

Climate-Smart PPPs

This section of the PPPLRC website provides links to policies, legislation, project documents and other resources that are relevant for developing, structuring and implementing climate-smart PPP projects.

PPPs for the Poor

This section looks at key issues to be considered to ensure that PPPs can reach the poor and sets out possible legal and contractual mechanisms and solutions to facilitate and incentivize service delivery to the poor.

Small and Medium Enterprises and PPPs

In this section, the PPPLRC presents some legal/ policy mechanisms that various countries and companies are using to promote or prescribe the involvement of SMEs in PPP.

Impacts of PPPs on Gender Inclusion

A comprehensive section on gender and PPPs, this section provides access to guidelines, tools, and publications, as well as links to laws and policies, guidance manuals, and publications that could be useful for the development of a gender-responsive PPP enabling environment and PPP contracts

Financing and Risk Mitagation

Provides an basic introduction to financing public infrastructure projects, funding sources and service needs. 

Transparency, Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Mechanisms

Click to find international initiatives aimed at fighting corruption directly related to infrastructure projects.

Procurement Processes and Bidding Documents

This section contains procurement guidelines and procedures as well as useful bidding documents templates.


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