Title: PPP Laws/Concessions Laws - Maldives

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Published: November 30, 2021

Region: South Asia

Country: Maldives

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Keywords: Country Profile, South Asia (SA), Concession, PPP Regulation, PPP Law, PPP Project Cycle

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Website of the Ministry of Economic Development, Maldives

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Maldives introduced a Special Economic Zones Law in September 2014, with the main objective of soliciting private capital to undertake large-scale investment projects of economic significance to the country.

Under the Public Finance Act, the Government issued the Unsolicited Proposals Policy (USP Policy). The Unsolicited Proposals Policy (USP Policy), sets out the procedures under which private sector parties can propose projects that align with the government's strategic development goals. The policy came into effect on 28 January 2019.

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Updated: February 16, 2022