Government Solar Roof Top Projects

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Governments across the world are drawing on existing infrastructure to harness solar energy through solar rooftop projects. 


A presentation of Deloitte in 2014 sumarises the main global models and challenges associated therewith, with some recommendations on how to resolve those challenges in an Indian context: Deloitte: Addressing Policy Regulatory and Operational Barriers



A number of states and municipalities in India have sought to scale this approach.

Harnessing Energy From the Sun, Empowering Rooftop Owners is a white paper prepared by IFC for State of Gujarat and analyses various business models used around the world and their associated issues and challenges and suggests next steps for a large-scale roll out. This was followed by a Partnerships IQ Handshake publication of the World Bank Group Rooftop Solar: Public Private Partnerships Lessons from Gujarat Solar.


For more information on solar energy, please see visit our solar page under Energy.

Last Updated : Wed,2017-07-12