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New Public-Private Partnerships Gender Online Resources: Because of varying societal roles and household responsibilities, public-private partnership (PPP) projects can have different impacts on women and men. It is therefore crucial that the knowledge and awareness of gender implications be thoroughly integrated into every step of the PPP project cycle. To provide guidance, the World Bank Group’s PPP in Infrastructure Resource Center (PPPIRC) curated a rich and diverse suite of key resources on the topic, segmented by agriculture, education, energy, and many more infrastructure project areas.

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The extent to and way in which gender considerations could be incorporated into the design and implementation of an infrastructure project to promote gender inclusion depend at least to some degree on the specific infrastructure sector. The links below lead to sector-specific resources, as well as international policy and guidance documents that include a gender perspective into infrastructure projects. They were mainly developed for traditionally financed infrastructure projects but are also useful resources for public-private partnerships (PPPs).






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